The Company

ArthroSave provides a medical device for a joint reviving treatment delaying the need for a knee prosthesis

in relatively young patients with persistent painful knee joint damage (osteoarthritis).

ArthroSave BV

p/a Godfried Bomansstraat 8, Unit 11, 4103 WR Culemborg

Established BV: 9th June 2016

KvK UTRECHT: 66215560

Licence: Exclusive worldwide licence on patent and expertise user-friendly knee-distractor UMC Utrecht

Board of directors:

K. Lindenhovius
F. Lafeber
P. van Roermund

Floris Lafeber (CSO)

Professor Experimental Rheumatology, UMC Utrecht

Peter van Roermund (CMO)

Orthopaedic Surgeon; 20 years of experience with joint distraction.

Karianne Lindenhovius, CEO | Godfried Bomansstraat 8 | Unit 11 | 4103 WR Culemborg | email: | tel:+31-681151925

Karianne Lindenhovius (CEO)

Engineer; 15 year of experience with new business developmentt.