Dobermann dog is running again after knee distraction. Michelle congratulations

On March 31, Michelle Teunissen obtained her doctorate with her dissertation ‘A joint effort’. In addition to her animal experimental research into knee distraction, Michelle has also successfully applied this treatment for the first time in a dog (Dobermann) with end-stage osteoarthritis. The dog was actually going to be put to sleep. Now -two years later- he runs and plays through the meadows.

Michelle’s research reveals important new insights into the tissue repair process in knee distraction, which helps us at ArthroSave to optimize treatment. For a long time it was thought that osteoarthritis cannot be cured. With this research, Michelle shows how knee distraction develops cartilage and bone growth.

Dissertation: A joint effort: How dogs contribute and benefit from the “One Medicine” approach to osteoarthritis.

If you click on the read more button you can use the passcode:156723 to read the full thesis.

Picture from left to right: Dr.Peter van Roermund, Ir.Karianne Lindenhovius, Dr.Michelle Teunissen, Dr. Simon Mastbergen, Prof. Marianna Tryfonidou

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