Extensive study about knee distraction

We kindly present you the result of an extensive study about knee distraction as treatment for painful osteoarthritis of the knee at relatively young patients.

The study was done in the department of rheumatology and immunology at the UMC Utrecht by PhD student Mylène Jansen. It resulted in a beautiful thesis which she will defend at June 15 2021. The research was a joint effort with several orthopedics in the Netherlands and Belgium during the last 3.5 years.

The extensive research gives an insight in the clinical outcome of knee distraction treatment also in comparison with other treatments like high tibial osteotomy and total knee replacement.

During this research, patients treated with ArthroSave’s KneeReviver were also taken into account. PhD student Mylène Jansen did also research at the possible repair of degenerated cartilage and sclerotic subchondral bone during knee distraction.