Discover knee joint distraction treatment

Postpone the need for knee replacement


  • Patient is under 65 years of age.
  • Patient has end-stage knee osteoarthritis (Kellgren and Lawrence score 2-4).
  • Patient is suffering from predominantly tibiofemoral osteoarthritis.
  • The KneeReviver accepts a maximum weight of 120 kg.

Surgical procedure

  • KneeReviver is placed on eight bone pins, drilled into the femur and tibia.
  • By placing the KneeReviver, the distractor at the same time functions as your guide. It will easily tell you where to place the next pin.
  • Pins are placed extra-articular,
    which leaves the joint undisturbed. 
  • After a short learning-curve the procedure will approximately take 30-45 minutes.
  • After placement directly 2 mm of distraction is applied. The next 3 mm is gradually given in the next days.


  • The KneeReviver is unloading the knee joint during the treatment of 6 weeks.
  • After the treatment the KneeReviver is removed in daycare and the knee will be manipulated under anesthesia (MUA).

During treatment

Patient is advised to use anti-coagulants during treatment, until one week after removal.


  • After removal the patient can fully load the leg and start with the rehabilitation phase. It can take a couple of months before results are noticable.
  • After knee joint distraction, the preservation of the knee joint ensures that all forms of treatment are still possible, if needed.

A short movie

Introducing joint distraction treatment with the KneeReviver.

  • End-stage osteoarthritis of the knee
  • Age <65 years
  • Joint preserving surgical treatment, inducing intrinsic cartilage repair
  • Postponing knee replacement
  • Return to an active lifestyle

What does the KneeReviver do?

The KneeReviver unloads the damaged knee joint by putting the knee joint surfaces on a short distance. Advantages of knee joint distraction treatment:

  • Knee joint distraction is a joint preserving treatment.
  • Patients receiving a knee prosthesis under the age of 65 years have an increased risk of failure of this prosthesis.
  • Postponing a knee prosthesis will eventually avoid revision surgery.
  • All other treatment options are still possible when complaints eventually recur.

Postponing the need for total knee replacement,

avoiding complex revision surgery

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Surgeons view. April 6, 2022.

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Currently, knee joint distraction with use of the KneeReviver is performed in selected hospitals in the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland.


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The decision to perform knee joint distraction is taken in consultation with your orthopedic surgeon. Information given on this website is only advisatory and based on the regular patient. If your personal situation is abberant, your orthopedic surgeon may decide to personalize the treatment.