From Mayo Clinic USA, Dutch professor of regenerative medicine Daniël Saris makes a remarkably optimistic sound

October 9, 2021- Hoop voor versleten knieën Volkskrant.

Osteoarthritis mainly affects the knees, followed at some distance by hips. A cure seems far away. Danish researchers drew a gloomy conclusion a few years ago in Science Translational Medicine: Once cartilage is damaged, forget it. There is no treatment, only symptom treatment is possible. However…..

From Rochester USA, the Dutch professor of Regenerative Medicine Daniël Saris makes a remarkably optimistic sound.
It is indeed possible to grow cartilage, he says. He is doing research about a technique for local cartilage defects first at the UMC Utrecht, now at Mayo Clinic USA. For patients with severe knee osteoarthritis in a late stage of the disease knee joint distraction is an option. Saris sees a solution for a growing group of patients…

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