Clinical Trial Knee Distraction funded by Zorginstituut Nederland

With a grant of € 6.7 million from the National Health Care Institute (Zorginstituut Nederland), 14 orthopedic departments of Dutch hospitals are conducting research under the supervision of UMC Utrecht into the (cost) effectiveness of knee distraction. Knee distraction is a promising new joint preserving treatment for patients under the age of 65 with end-stage knee osteoarthritis postponing the total knee replacement for years.

Current clinical research and the recent review of this by the National Health Care Institute showed that treatment with knee distraction for patients younger than 65 years of age is a promising intervention, but at present insufficiently substantiated to be part of reimbursed care. Without reimbursement, such promising treatment for a large population of patients dies a silent death. “With the grant we can now conduct thorough research and demonstrate that the application of knee distraction for the designated target group is really good care,” said study leader, epidemiologist and health technology assessment researcher at UMC Utrecht Paco Welsing.

This is very good news as this means that in 2022-2024 in the Netherlands 600 patients with severe knee osteoarthritis under the age of 65 will be treated with knee distraction and preserving their own knee. We are pleased ArthroSave is fully involved in this study.

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